Log base 10 rules of dating

Production and quality control records should be reviewed as part of the log base 10 rules of dating process of batch release. Any divergence or failure of a batch to meet its specifications should be thoroughly investigated. The investigation should, if necessary, extend to other batches of the same product and other products that may have been associated with the specific failure or discrepancy.

A written record of the investigation should be made pogoda dla bogaczy online dating log base 10 rules of dating include the conclusion and follow up action. Data may be recorded by electronic data processing systems or photographic or other reliable means, basd detailed procedures relating to the system in use should be available and the accuracy of the records should be checked.

If documentation is handled by electronic data processing methods, only authorized persons should be able to enter or modify data in the computer, and there should be a record of changes and deletions. Access should be restricted by passwords or other means and dqting result of entry of critical data should be independently checked.

: Log base 10 rules of dating

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